2017 3D Printing Contest Results!

The Library held a 3-D printer contest beginning in February 2017 for both the Missouri and Arizona campuses. Model designs were to meet the following criteria: use in healthcare education or healthcare in general, innovation, creativity, originality, impact on learning, and ability to meet design learning objectives.

Both campuses received several entries. The top three winners from each campus were:

Missouri campus

  • First Prize: Jeremy Houser, PhD; Baydon Hilton; & Blake Stringham; with the 3-D Ophthalomotrope
  • Second Prize: Dallyn Udall; with the 3-D Sagittal brain sections
  • Third Prize: Jamie Carroll; with the 3-D Preservative-free eye drop container

Arizona campus

  • First Prize: Jon Seo & Garrett Seymore; with the Safe mandibular surgery model
  • Second Prize: Matthew Kahn, DDS, MS; Desiree Lovett; & Kristina Rodriguez; with the 3-D printing for implant surgical guide
  • Third Prize: Jake Zellner; with the 3-D Human skull for dental anesthetic technique

A panel of faculty and/or staff from each campus judged the models. Models will be displayed within both A.T. Still Memorial Library campus locations.

Follow the links below for more information and images of the winners.

And see the full story on iConnect.


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